Monday, 9 January 2012


Waheeyyy! I now know the password...BOOM! So thats why i haven't done a blog in a while now. So not much has been happening lately...i have found a new way to curl my hair though....with socks :) Yes you look like a maniac...or something out of a horror film...but anyway it works! It's just rag curling but with socks to get bigger curls and leave them in over night.

This blog has moved away from a fashion blog... to my everyday life, not that interesting to be honest. Anyway, Blue Ivy seems like and odd name for Beyonce's baby. What do you think?

I have a fancy dress party on Saturday... a friends 13th. Not really sue what to wear but i was thinking along the lines of the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonder land. A white shirt tucked into black shorts with black tights underneath with a blazer, braces (suspenders... whatever you want to call them) a bow tie and top hat. Anyone got any better ideas?

I have recently been realising how someone dresses can affect how old they look. Dressing well can really affect the way people think of you. Anyone else agree?