Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Oh dear.....
The fist day back to school was a bit of a fail. We had IT first lesson and i forgot my password, then i had the wrong folder for chemistry. I had my physics one instead. I hate mornings  -_-

Spring fashion:
I am guessing that people will trade their bold colours for fresh pastel shades....hmm might be wrong but i can guess.
Spring hairstyles:
I'm thinking soft curls, french plaits and dip dying. Going to order my extensions soon and buy some purple dip dye!
 For some brilliant hairstyle ideas look on youtube. I recommend looking at and also her youtube videos. All of the hairstyles she does can be worn anywhere really.

My new converse are here, but no one was home when the parcel came so they gave us one of those slip things and they are in the post office!...first thing that comes to mind is Miranda the christmas special, so funny.
I now have minecraft. The obsession begins. . . . .