Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Wind and rain.Brilliant -.-

This morning, it was chucking it down and so windy that branches fell down into the road, fence panels were blown over...taking the wall with them and feather earings were not a good idea. But me being me, i wore them.
What i wore today, on its side.
 Today, yet again, i wore my braces. They look best with a blazer over the top, i think. I wore my old converse out today, but thanks to a friends dog, they have a small, non-visible hole in the side. Suprisingly, my feet didn't get wet.

Tailors dummy. I got it for christmas 2010

The material. It was £7.50
Onto the next thing, i am planning on making a dress. I have the materials and a tailors dummy and a sewing machine etc. I just need to find a dress pattern. Here is the material and dummy. ^