Monday, 2 January 2012

First post!

Well...when i say first.... i cannot keep a blog going for more than 7 days so far. So as a new years resolution i will keep this on going until summer (hopefully).

So, this christmas i got some braces (suspenders?). I.AM.OBSESSED. I try to wear them as often as possible, usually with high wasted trousers/shorts and skirts. They are black and go with pretty much everything in my wardrobe....except dresses. My mum found them in the men's department in primark. She knew i wanted she bought them..waheey ! I have also just ordered a new pair of converse..£53, i saved up for them!...kind of.....

I do try to be as creative as possible usually, but from time to time there will be a fashion faux paus, but to be honest i would much rather dress independantly than in the same style clothes all the time. It just depends on whether you have the confidence to wear something different, as a lot of people don't. I'm not always confident about what i'm wearing, i never usually care what people think about me, but there are those times when you do. Be confident in what you wear! You don't  wear an outfit to please other people (that isn't always the case though, but generally speaking)
Just remember
     “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.”
 - Coco Chanel