Thursday, 12 January 2012


The piano can sound GREAT when played well... for example vkgoeswild. The way she plays you can actually hear the drum, guitar and singing, but she's just playing piano. Pink floyd wish you were here sounds amazing but sweet child o mine is just beautiful. * I can play the intro, quite proud ;) *

I really want to learn to play because basically my life revolves around music, for example my outfits are influenced by music, along with drawings/paintings and that stuff. It might not make sense to you, but it does to me. I just need a keyboard now...

Monday, 9 January 2012


A friend just told me about this. It is brilliant!

A lot of inspiration there.


Waheeyyy! I now know the password...BOOM! So thats why i haven't done a blog in a while now. So not much has been happening lately...i have found a new way to curl my hair though....with socks :) Yes you look like a maniac...or something out of a horror film...but anyway it works! It's just rag curling but with socks to get bigger curls and leave them in over night.

This blog has moved away from a fashion blog... to my everyday life, not that interesting to be honest. Anyway, Blue Ivy seems like and odd name for Beyonce's baby. What do you think?

I have a fancy dress party on Saturday... a friends 13th. Not really sue what to wear but i was thinking along the lines of the Mad Hatter from Alice in Wonder land. A white shirt tucked into black shorts with black tights underneath with a blazer, braces (suspenders... whatever you want to call them) a bow tie and top hat. Anyone got any better ideas?

I have recently been realising how someone dresses can affect how old they look. Dressing well can really affect the way people think of you. Anyone else agree? 

Wednesday, 4 January 2012


Oh dear.....
The fist day back to school was a bit of a fail. We had IT first lesson and i forgot my password, then i had the wrong folder for chemistry. I had my physics one instead. I hate mornings  -_-

Spring fashion:
I am guessing that people will trade their bold colours for fresh pastel shades....hmm might be wrong but i can guess.
Spring hairstyles:
I'm thinking soft curls, french plaits and dip dying. Going to order my extensions soon and buy some purple dip dye!
 For some brilliant hairstyle ideas look on youtube. I recommend looking at and also her youtube videos. All of the hairstyles she does can be worn anywhere really.

My new converse are here, but no one was home when the parcel came so they gave us one of those slip things and they are in the post office!...first thing that comes to mind is Miranda the christmas special, so funny.
I now have minecraft. The obsession begins. . . . .

Tuesday, 3 January 2012

Remember, REMEMBER!

I have to remember to turn things the right way up before posting.

Wind and rain.Brilliant -.-

This morning, it was chucking it down and so windy that branches fell down into the road, fence panels were blown over...taking the wall with them and feather earings were not a good idea. But me being me, i wore them.
What i wore today, on its side.
 Today, yet again, i wore my braces. They look best with a blazer over the top, i think. I wore my old converse out today, but thanks to a friends dog, they have a small, non-visible hole in the side. Suprisingly, my feet didn't get wet.

Tailors dummy. I got it for christmas 2010

The material. It was £7.50
Onto the next thing, i am planning on making a dress. I have the materials and a tailors dummy and a sewing machine etc. I just need to find a dress pattern. Here is the material and dummy. ^

Monday, 2 January 2012

First post!

Well...when i say first.... i cannot keep a blog going for more than 7 days so far. So as a new years resolution i will keep this on going until summer (hopefully).

So, this christmas i got some braces (suspenders?). I.AM.OBSESSED. I try to wear them as often as possible, usually with high wasted trousers/shorts and skirts. They are black and go with pretty much everything in my wardrobe....except dresses. My mum found them in the men's department in primark. She knew i wanted she bought them..waheey ! I have also just ordered a new pair of converse..£53, i saved up for them!...kind of.....

I do try to be as creative as possible usually, but from time to time there will be a fashion faux paus, but to be honest i would much rather dress independantly than in the same style clothes all the time. It just depends on whether you have the confidence to wear something different, as a lot of people don't. I'm not always confident about what i'm wearing, i never usually care what people think about me, but there are those times when you do. Be confident in what you wear! You don't  wear an outfit to please other people (that isn't always the case though, but generally speaking)
Just remember
     “In order to be irreplaceable one must always be different.”
 - Coco Chanel